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Impact of Correct Balance between UPS Efficiency Resilience 
  Selecting an appropriate UPS solution involves many quality-based considerations including Carbon Footprint and resilience. Here Shri Karve. Senior Technical Consultant, at GAMATRONIC UK LTD, examines 

Replace Old UPSs to Reduce OPEX & Carbon Footprint 

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Modular UPS? YES! 
Are you searching for modular UPS systems you can count on?

Do you want to be sure your critical load is supported at all times?

Hundreds of satisfied businesses have chosen Gamatronic UK's UPS systems over the past decade.

As one of the first companies to manufacture modular UPS systems, we have served the most demanding of industries and have learnt how to answer your specific requirements.

Take a look at our wide product line or contact us now for a FREE expert consultation.

Gamatronic, Our Power Your Confidence 
Power+ Modular UPS:    

UPS Uses:

It is generally used for desktop computers, servers, telecommunication devices, etc. to prevent electric injuries, business interruption, or data loss. It can also be used as a temporary replacement for the regular input power.

UPS Advantages:
UPS is advantageous over traditional power source alternatives as it provides instantaneous and continued power to the device it is connected to upon the failure of a primary source, preventing any chances of data loss.

UPS Types - UPS can be classified into the following types:

Standby UPS:

Although it provides battery backup and surge protection, it is not completely uninterruptible as it checks whether the primary voltage level has dropped below an accepted level before switching the backup inverter on. However, it's safe and reliable in most cases as the devices' internal UPS generally holds for a while. It can be used for personal computers and some other small electronic devices.

Line-Interactive UPS:

It keeps the battery in line so that the battery's DC is redirected to the load whenever the main power source fails. It is also useful to control voltage fluctuations. It automatically selects different power taps on the autotransformer depending on whether the supplied voltage is high or low, controlling or boosting the voltage in the process. It is applicable in computer networks and small servers.

Online / Double Conversion:

Double conversion UPS supplies some power to the connected devices continuously even under normal conditions. Because of this, it is generally used in devices that are sensitive to even small fluctuation in the supply. It is generally expensive due to the greater current AC-DC battery charger it has in order to run continuously.

Gamatronic UPS is a popular example of this type of UPS. To the devices that demand an electrical firewall, online/double conversion UPS provides the best efficiency. Due to this, Gamatronic UPS is generally preferred in many places such as hospitals, defense industries, IT centers, etc.

Hybrid topology, Ferro-resonant units, Powering DC, and Rotary are other UPS designs that are in use.
Hybrid topology checks whether or not the supplied voltage is within an acceptable range. If the voltage fluctuates from the range, it switches to the online/conversion mode and supplies the power from the battery.

Ferro-resonant UPS functions as a standby UPS but comes equipped with an output-filtering transformer that provides the necessary power required by the device until the switching takes place.
Powering DC matches the online UPS's battery with that to be supplied to the device, and hence is very efficient. It can be used in telecommunications and data centers, though the voltage levels should be carefully monitored.

The Rotary supplies power to the device for only a brief period of time, enough for it to start and stabilize the output. It is generally used in large systems where a large amount of power is involved.

Choosing Your UPS:

You need to be sure of the power required to backup your devices before you choose your UPS. Make sure it provides continuous power and protection to your devices.

This is where Gamatronic UPS simplifies your choices. It is extremely efficient and is already being used in many defense industries, IT centers, hospitals, and many other companies all over the world.

Not only does Gamatronic UPS guarantee efficient backing up of your devices, it also ensures you a high level of protection of your devices for your peace of mind!
Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd.

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