Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures, constructs, markets, sells and exports UPS power units. True to Israel’s “Start Up Nation” pedigree, we design cutting edge technology and modular scalable products.

Company Profile

Located in the Har HaHotzvim Industrial Area, Jerusalem, the company was established in 1970 and began trading on the Tel Aviv stock exchange in 1994.

The company has been exporting its products since 2001 and has established subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom and China along with local offices in South Africa and Brazil and representatives around the globe.

Explore the site to find information on a wide range of power management topics, including solutions and services that will keep your systems running.

The company’s products include:

  • Modular UPS systems.
  • Standard UPS systems available in a wide range of outputs.
  • Power systems
  • Systems for the control, monitoring and management of sites
  • Modular DC to AC Inverters
  • Modular DC to DC Inverters
  • Customized products designed according to the demands and needs of our clients. Gamatronic works in close cooperation with well known brands throughout the world to develop and supply specific products according to our client’s technical needs.

Our Power – Your Confidence

To us, “Our power – Your Confidence” is more than a slogan – it represents our core values. Here at Gamatronic, we believe that our client’s confidence and security are of vital importance. We do all that we can to ensure that our clients receive reliable products coupled with professional service of the highest technological standards.

“Our Power – Your Confidence” is more than just a slogan – it’s the company’s philosophy on our relationships with our customers. Here at Gamatronic we believe that professionalism and reliability towards our clients are what provide you the confidence to operate your business.

Gamatronic’s Products Include:

  • Domestic and Commercial UPS systems
  • Modular UPS systems
  • Control and Management Systems
  • Frequency Converters
  • Modular DC to DC Converters
  • Modular AC to DC Converters
  • Power Supplies for the communications industry

Company History

1970 – Company founded by Mr. Yossi Goren.
1994 – Gamatronic becomes a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Securities Exchange.
1997 – Gamatronic expands its overseas marketing, concentrating on the search for new markets and distributors around the world.
2001 – A subsidiary company is established in the United Kingdom.
2003 – Production of the modular POWER+ UPS system starts
2006 – Gamatronic opens an official agency in Brazil.
2008 – Gamatronic enters the North American market by making the POWER+ system UL compliant.
2010 – Launch of the MEGA POWER+ system with an output of 250 Kw.
2012 – Gamatronic launches a new line of Control and Monitoring systems.
2013 – Gamatronic launches Power+ Premium.
2014 – Gamatronic launches the Centric and opens an agency in South Africa.
2015 – Gamatronic launches the UL compliant Centric 480.
2016 – Gamatronic established a subsidiary in China and will be launching the Centric 300

  • All Gamatronic’s products are developed in-house by the company’s engineers.
  • All Gamatronic’s products are tested and undergo extensive quality control procedures.
  • All Gamatronic’s products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards.

All Gamatronic’s products are developed in-house by the company’s engineers.

All Gamatronic’s products are tested and undergo extensive quality control procedures.

All Gamatronic’s products are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards.

Gamatronic’s Values

As a company on the leading edge of its field, Gamatronic was among the first in the world to develop and manufacture modular UPS systems. Gamatronic played a role in moving the global UPS industry from standard UPS systems to modular UPS systems.

Thanks to the company’s extensive experience accumulated in its four decades of existence – working with companies in the fields of communications, technology, medicine, the defense and many other industries – the company has been able to develop and supply a range of electrical back-up systems to more than 80 countries.

Gamatronic’s high standards and strong emphasis on research and development, technological innovation and total solutions explain why Gamatronic products are chosen by so many companies active in so many different fields.

Gamatronic’s modular UPS system is built on advanced technology that allows high efficiency and maximum monitoring and control of outputs. The company’s flagship products are the Centric, POWER+ and customized lines – flexible and modular UPS systems that allow for the system’s output to be expanded and adjusted to match changing loads. The systems are based on double conversion, true online technology with a redundancy of N + 1, “Hot Swap” connectors for system modules and comprehensive and advanced monitoring and control capabilities. It is these characteristics that give the systems optimum reliability.

Gamatronic’s comprehensive solutions, including extensive monitoring and control capabilities both on-site and remotely, provide a reliable and stable backup system for sensitive equipment, for complex applications and for the client’s business.

Above all, advanced, reliable technologies provide the client with the security they need.

Gamatronic is committed to preserving and protecting the environment. The company’s products meet strict international environmental standards, do not pollute the electrical system and keep it clean and free from interruption.

Gamatronic’s Mission Statement


Gamatronic’s goal is to lead the power management industry from a technological standpoint, developing new and innovative applications. This has led the company to create comprehensive, up to date solutions that meet market needs. The comprehensive solutions provided by Gamatronic utilize a wide range of products and meet extremely high engineering standards and abilities.


For over 40 years, Gamatronic has grown consistently and has gained substantial market share, both locally and globally. This was accomplished by building a tested product line and by encouraging innovation and quality throughout the company. Gamatronic has a dedicated departmental management team that grows and develops along with the company and who are committed to its values and standards. The company’s shares have shown a constant and consistent increase in value since the company began trading publicly, . Gamatronic has increased its production over the past 12 years and now exports to over 80 countries around the world.


One of Gamatronic’s operational advantages is its flexibility and adaptation to the client’s needs. Over the years, the company has executed thousands of projects both in Israel and abroad, providing solutions that combine standard products with unique and specialized ones. Gamatronic’s list of clients spans a variety of industries, including the Ministry of Defense, global defense industries, hospitals, IT centers and large international companies. Those companies include Orange, Shell, GE, Ericson and many others. In each case, the solutions provided by Gamatronic were adapted to the specific needs as defined by each individual project. This includes engineering design and on-going technical support.

High Service Standards

Gamatronic’s service is characterized by short response time and high availability. We also pride ourselves on efficiency, professionalism, personal service and attention. Gamatronic’s local and international sales department provides the company’s distributors and agents, in Israel and abroad, with pre- and post-sales services, marketing assistance, product promotional services, technical support and more.

Achievements and Awards

Gamatronic has won many prizes and awards in Israel and around the world. This includes the Industrial Leadership Prize awarded by the Israeli Industrialists Society, an an award recognizing quality and excellence from International Quality Crown Awards, and the Entrepreneur of Year awarded by Ernst & Young, among others.

Future Opportunities

Gamatronic has been expanding and increasing its reach over the past few years. This is due to a constant search for new innovations and technological updates, successful marketing strategies and a heightened awareness of marketing value. New opportunities opening up for the company allow it to grow and maintain its market lead.

International Standards

  • Meets required grid harmony standards as defined by IEEE 519.
  • International UPS standard IEC 3-6204.
  • Requirements to meet high voltage for receivers and broadcasters as defined by EN50091-2-3.
  • Requirements to meet safety standards as defined by EN50091-1.
  • Meets United States Safety standard UL 1778.

Gamatronic – Israel’s Leading Power System Company!