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Modular online 3 phase ups systems for data centers

This category contains a collection of the advanced Modular online 3 phase ups systems for data centers manufactured by the company, designed in accordance with all requirements and standards for large server rooms and IT centers. The purpose of the server room UPS is to regulate and ensure power supply, even during power reduction or failure.

In such an event, the UPS devices provide the server room with a total backup solution.. This makes continued operation of the server room possible, even during a power failure. In addition, the UPSs are designed to ensure that if the regular power supply doesn’t come back on-line, an orderly shutdown of systems and servers is implemented.


On-line UPS systems connect power directly to protected systems. In the event of a power failure, no power transfer switches are necessary. When voltage drops, battery power comes online instantaneously. When power is restored, the UPS reconnects to mains power while charging the system’s batteries.

Gamatronic has developed a wide range of on-line UPS systems that are highly reliable and designed to the highest standards of quality. Our home UPS systems are available in capacities of 10kVA to 60kVA.


A modular UPS is constructed from components that allow for quick and simple increase in the system’s output. The basic system is purchased for a relatively low price and additional modules are purchased if and when they are needed.

Three phase

Three phase UPS systems are generally the preferred solution in case of high kVA consumption and high power density. A three phase UPS not only powers the load but simultaneously compensates for an unbalanced load and regulates output voltage.

When it comes to large installations with substantial power consumption such as: data centers, industrial facilities, military or medical equipment, a three phase UPS ensures that your UPS is using the full three sine waves in the grid thus allowing higher power to be delivered to a single point or load.