The Gamatronic Professional Services offering

Extended Warranty

A one year extended warranty offered for modules over 12 months old and up to 5 years. This warranty includes all original elements available in our factory warranty.

Site Survey for End Users

As part of our upgraded services, we offer a Gamatronic authorized yearly site survey. This professional inspection is designed to improve efficiency and prevent potential problems. The survey includes: a comprehensive report with maintenance and upgrade recommendations.

Private Technical Seminars

We understand that your technical personal need constant updates to better service your end users, therefore we offer you the advantage of a private seminar at your premises completely tailored to your needs . The session will include personal tutoring, empowering each of your employees’ weak points.

The service includes a final exam and certification. Private technical training at Gamatronic available as well.

Commissioning, Installation, Start Up

A Gamatronic authorized engineer will accompany your installation team to ensure better future performance, and customer satisfaction with the product. The services guarantee:
Site electrical configuration has been completed accurately.
Units are properly configured and started for optimal performance.
Extended warranty for the installed products.

SAT – Site Acceptance Test

After completion of commissioning and installation, a Gamatronic authorized engineer will:
Check site is ready for load transfer.
Conduct load transfer.

Modules Repair on premises (PCB Level)

Enjoy the benefit of our technical professional at your premises. The service will save you costs of logistics, shipment and customs. Our engineer will repair modules with your technical staff and train them for independent future module repair on PCB level.