1 UDC 33/50/75

Info & Details

Gamatronic’s 1UDC+ power system provides clean DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging the battery bank. The unit also supplies backup power in the event of a power failure.

The system contains a 19” wide, 1U-high shelf that can hold up to three hot-plugged rectifiers, or two rectifiers + controller and LVD device (battery protection system).

The system can be supplied with a maximum of 13 shelves (38 rectifiers + controller). It reaches an output of 1226A, while maintaining a height of 13U.

1UDC+ Power System Features:

  • 100A for each 1U shelf
  • Digitally controlled power modules
  • 1 – 3 rectifiers on each shelf; rectifiers can be swapped while system is running
  • Active current distribution between rectifiers
  • Universal input voltage
  • Built-in dual 70A ELVD
  • Two External LVD protectors can be connected to a maximum of 1600A
  • High performance hot-swap system controller used to measure, monitor, and control voltages, current, power, battery, temperature, etc.
  • More than one set of batteries can be used
  • Automatic, pre-programmed battery test (for each set of batteries)
  • Equalizing/Floating charging technology
  • Batteries can be electronically or mechanically protected from over-discharge
  • Option to monitor battery temperature and adjust temperature accordingly
  • Battery current restriction
  • Smart control and monitoring system with an SNMP interface