DC/AC Inverters

Info & Details

This DC-to-AC inverter is designed by Gamatronic according to IEC’s specifications,

and is tested and approved by IEC. The inverter is fed with 220 Vdc from the substation’s battery bank.

The inverter’ s output is 230 Vac at 50 Hz. It employs Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and is controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor.

The  inverter’s cabinet and the layout of its components are built as specified by the customer.

Easy access to the terminals for all maintenance activities, is provided through the front panel of the cabinet.

The inverter is easy to operate; the controller includes an LCD screen on which input and output voltage, input (option) and output current,

and system status information can be displayed.

The controller maintains a log of the last 200 system events, including start-up, shutdown, and any system errors or alarms.

The inverter can be connected to a computer via an RS232 link to view system status and measurements.

The communications card provides an SNMP link to a local or remote computer, for viewing system status or power measurements,

and enables notification of system alarms via email.