Emergency Light Protection

Info & Details

The systems running emergency lighting are highly specialised, requiring banks of reliable maintenance-free batteries, along with electrical inverters and switching systems that deliver clean and consistent current, and an intelligent control centre to run the system efficiently.
Designed in accordance to EN50171, Gamatronic POWER+ PREMIUM CBS SYSTEM supplies essential, instant and reliable power for dedicated security systems in sensitive areas.
Putting at the forefront the reliability, the use of Gamatronic Centralized Battery Systems (CBS) ensures a significant reduction in system set-up and maintenance costs.



• Extended backup time using batteries with 10 year design life
• Upgraded charger to achieve 90% recharge in 5 hours
• Continuous overload capability of 120%
• Relay contacts for remote signals
• Ultra-high power density
• True green power and high efficiency
• User friendly
• Full remote management and customer
monitoring of the CBS
• Modular design

Universal UPS

POWER+ PREMIUM CBS offers all the benefits and power of a universal UPS,
• Frequency: 50/60Hz
• Voltage: 380V; 400V; 415V
• Site configurable phases: 1/1; 3/1; 3/3*