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The GTRM Smart Online series offers advanced true on-line UPS systems, supplying clean, reliable and regulated AC power.
The series ranges from 1 to 10kVA.
Voltage surges, spikes and sags are inherent in commercial utility power.
Over time, these irregularities shorten the life of the equipment even during normal use when the input power is uninterrupted.
In case of an interruption in the power input, the GTRM Smart Online system powers your critical load from its battery bank for those few critical minutes until a generator or other alternate power source comes on-line, or until your computer servers have been powered down in an orderly fashion.

  • DSP Technology: Advanced digital control technology providing a more stable performance.
  • Environment Friendly: Eco-designed and manufactured to meet the local pollution control requirements of electronic products.
  • Active input power factor correction (PFC): Power factor above 0.99 reduces grid pollution and saves costs.
  • Wide input voltage range and frequency: for increased battery life.
  • No Transfer Time: UPS automatically switches from AC mode to battery mode with no delay, ensuring stable power supply of operating system.
  • Active Load Management: Allows the UPS to be set up at a fixed 50Hz or 60Hz output, while it monitors power usage and automatically sheds and reconnects loads in order to prevent generator overload.
  • Expansion Slots: Enable flexibility in choice of SNMP cards, RS232 and USB, RS232 and Dry Contacts.
  • Output Power Factor of 0.9: Adapts to the features of most current electric equipment and elevates the load-bearing capacity of the machines Power factor 1 is optional.
  • Generator Compatible: Allows connection to a generator and guarantees clean supply to the load.
  • Screen LCD: Ease of Use and accurate input and output measurement.
  • ECO and EPO: For 6 and 10kVA units.
  • Parallel redundancy: Available for 6 and 10kVA units:
    • Self adaptive master/slave.
    • Full power or N+1.
    • Onsite installation.
  • Rack and tower convertible.
  • SPWM Inverter.
  • Batteries: Matching batteries and battery cabinets.