HPS Power Supplies

Info & Details

The power supplies are available in a variety of power configurations from 10 V and up to 220 V and with outputs ranging from hundreds of watts to tens of kilowatts.

The power supply can be provided as a single phase HPS2 unit and as a three phase HPS4 unit.

The system is suitable for industrial sector applications where there is a need for systems capable of functioning under extreme workloads and in extreme environments.

The system’s design makes it capable of coping perfectly with drastic power surges and brown outs and high, unexpected power loads.

In addition, the system is designed to operate harsh environments which include exposure to dust and humidity without any deterioration or degradation to the power supply’s operation.

The HPS series of power supplies is based on SCR technology which offers an especially stable system even when operating under unexpected strains and loads.

On average, HPS system batteries are usually sent for upgrades and maintenance only after 15 years or more of continuous operation in the field.