PSM+ UPS Management Software

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Gamatronic’s power management product line enables real time, continuous control and management of the UPS system.

The PSM+ supplies live updates on UPS and DC power systems and can monitor individual power supply systems locally or remotely.

In case of extended mains failure, PSM+ performs an orderly shutdown of servers preselected by the user. The shutdown procedure is automatically deactivated if mains power returns before the shutdown was initiated.

A free, new and improved version of the application has just been released and can be downloaded from this page.

PSM+ Features

  • Straightforward, user-friendly interface
  • Servers can be shut down via Ethernet, RPC, or Shut Down Agent
  • Greatly increased flexibility for defining conditions of automatic server shutdown
  • Immediate alarm notification via a pop-up window or email. Notifications are filterable by event severity
  • On-demand simulation of critical events
  • Protected interface provides three levels of security

Supports standard communication protocols such as:

  • SNMP v2 or SNMP v3
  • Gamatronic’s proprietary UPS protocols
  • RFC 1628
  • RS232

Click here (or the icon below) Download PSM+: ups management software

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