Static Switches

Info & Details

A static switch is designed to transfer power loads between input sources instantaneously, significantly improving the reliability of backup power. When loads to the transformer or UPS are too high or when they are inoperable, the static switch automatically switches the system’s current to an alternative power source without any interruption to the load. Gamatronic produces single and triple phase static switches in a range of capacities.

Gamatronic Products

  1. STSW Pro 3kVA/6kVA Single Phase Static Switch
  2. STSW 3U, 3kVA – 30 kVA Single Phase Static Switch
  3. 10kVA – 150kVA Three Phase Static Switch 


• Two inputs, one output 

• Synchronization 

• Zero-time transfer 

• Surge protection 

• Overload protection 

• Backfeed protection (available for STSW Pro 3kVA/6kVA)