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Gamatronic pioneering the way once again….
The next generation of electric vehicles is on its way and Gamatronic is already ahead of the game. Over a decade ago, it was Gamatronic that was supplying electric vehicle chargers to Better Place, the company that attempted to provide a model and infrastructure for employing electric cars as an alternative to fossil fuel technology.

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Focusing on what they do best, Gamatronic has been developing uninterruptible power supply and energy solutions for almost 50 years. You can say, they put the IT in Charge It! 

In Europe, where car manufacturers excel and environmental consciousness is high, EV solutions are thriving. Charging stations are popping up like mushrooms after the storm. As electric vehicles become more efficient, so are their batteries and chargers. High power electrical vehicle chargers like those offered by Gamatronic are considered “fast chargers” with a capacity of 50kw-350kW.

Locally, Gamatronic equips charging stations for electric buses and portable EV chargers for their bus tow trucks, and is also a major player in the electrification of the nation’s railway system. 

The high power factor greater than 0.99 and high quality input current THD:<3% ensures that it does not damage the grid. The solution is based on the company’s energy storage power conversion system (PCS) and is designed to support V2G (vehicle to grid) technology.

The real show stopper is that Gamatronic’s high power EV chargers can easily and quickly replenish the batteries in electric buses in less than 5 minutes.

Gamatronic’s track record in the field, proven technologies, the small form factor and its modularity with redundancy make Gamatronic the obvious choice. In addition, Gamatronic’s availability for service 24/7 locally and worldwide means that you can be confident that you will have constant and reliable power.