3 Phase Stand Alone UPS Systems

Our Products for 3 Phase Stand Alone UPS Systems

A three phase transformer is usually installed between the UPS and its power supply whether from the grid or a generator. The transformer is used when the risk of power interruptions is great and the quality of electricity supplied by the grid or the generator is irregular.
Relevant applications:
Many different industries use UPS devices. For the most part, a three phase transformer is used in the installation of modular UPS systems where the UPS is fed from a generator or, alternatively, in combination with mains power. The aim of the isolation transformer is to provide the UPS a high voltage line with stabilized reference points.
A transformer may be installed for a project where the power supply is unstable. In most cases, there is a risk that when power is restored after a failure, the voltage received will lack reference points. The isolation transformer ensures that reference voltage remains constant.
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