Any operational interruptions in a healthcare facility can be life threatening. UPSs are crucial to enable smooth operations of MRIs, CTs and X-ray machines. The power cannot fail while a patient is in the middle of a scan.  There is no room for electrical failure. Gamatronic UPSs are ideal for hospital and medical facilities offering high power quality which won’t interfere with parallel procedures. Gamatronic UPSs support high inrush currents, high crest factor (CF) loads, optional silent mode for quiet rooms and low EMC means reduced interference.
In addition, emergency escape lighting and direction signs are designated to illuminate escape routes and allow quick and safe evacuation of staff, patients and visitors. Emergency lighting systems are highly specialized, requiring banks of reliable maintenance-free batteries, along with electrical inverters and switching systems that deliver clean and consistent current and an intelligent control centre to run the system efficiently. Gamatronic’s adjustable power walk-in gradually reflects the load’s power to the generator to reduce unnecessary over-sizing.
Gamatronic’s line of control and management (C&M) products enables you to remotely monitor and manage your critical power.