Schools, Universities, Research Institutions

Academic institutions of all levels host tens to tens of thousands of students, staff, and visitors every day. Classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories need uninterruptible power.

With Gamatronic’s fully monitored UPSs you can see what is happening remotely. Their small footprint means that you will have more room for research since the UPSs don’t occupy precious laboratory floor space. Scientists can work with research departments and equipment worldwide thanks to the frequency conversion and voltage stabilizers that enable testing with different frequency and voltage configurations.

In addition, emergency escape lighting and direction signs are designated to illuminate the escape routes and allow quick and safe evacuation of staff, students and visitors. Emergency lighting systems are highly specialized, requiring banks of reliable maintenance-free batteries, along with electrical inverters and switching systems that deliver clean and consistent current and an intelligent control centre to run the system efficiently. Gamatronic’s adjustable power walk-in gradually reflects the load’s power to the generator to reduce unnecessary over-sizing.

Gamatronic’s line of control and management (C&M) products enables you to remotely monitor and manage your critical power.