SMEs must invest in back-up power to shore up output

SMEs must invest in back-up power to shore up output

March 24, 2017 Source: Richard Annerquaye Abbey | | Ghana

Small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the country have been urged to invest in back-up power systems as well as renewable energy solutions in order to reduce their operational costs.Unscheduled power outages, which increase downtime, have the potential of hurting businesses if cheaper alternatives are not sought by businesses, Boaz Alon, Sales Director, Comsec Technology Solutions told the press after seminar and exhibition on some of its solutions.According to him, currently, the sort of support system provided by other vendors of back power systems such as inverters, UPS etc are not fully responsive as some of these faulty gadgets or components within them had to be sent abroad for repairs.Such poor responsiveness contribute to the downtime of businesses and Mr. Alon adds that, Comsec in partnership with leading UPS manufacturer, Gamatronic, and EverExceed, renowned for its battery power bank and solar solutions, have set up a one-stop shop to address businesses faced with energy challenges.Mr. Alon said the nature of Comsec Solutions’ partnership with the two companies will afford businesses an opportunity to have their energy needs met timely and at a cost-efficient manner.He said the company’s desire to serve the needs of customers led to Comsec establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory that works around the clock to ensure efficient delivery. The workshop, located in Adabraka, a suburb of Accra, is manned by Ghanaian engineers trained in Israel who provide after sales service.Mr. Alon is confident the energy solutions being offered by Comsec is sufficient to allow businesses as well as individuals seeking efficient energy backup solutions save up to 30 percent of what they would have spent on power.He added that Comsec also provides flexible payment plans for customers who are unable to provide outright payment.The event was attended by a cross-section of business owners as well as representatives from both public and private sector entities. The participants were shown firsthand via a seminar and an exhibition how the solutions of Gamatronic and EverExceed could be beneficial to their operations.

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